Personal Style is a journey

 This blog is for all those women out there that struggle each season to put together cohesive looks with some semblance of comfort. Do you have Style, are the trends every season confusing?  Is it a struggle to find the balance between the trends, your personal closet and style?  I know exactly how you feel, you are in the right place.  I teach women, just like to you, to embrace who they are, dress easier, and use what they already have.  The key is to choose one or two trends each season. to update your closet. Find those pieces in your closet that you love, and create your style from those items. I am here to help at any stage.  I hope this will be a safe place to bounce ideas or just learn what style is.

What is An Accessory Stylist

An Accessory Stylist,  teaches you how to use accessories as the final details in your look. Showing you the trends will therefore help you learn how to negotiate them. You won’t find me on the catwalk (Yikes), however; I do enjoy learning which fashion trends are right for me, and my clients. Whether you think you do or not, all women have style, my job is to help you develop it.  Teaching women how to put different looks together is enjoyable, especially when it has made a significant change in how they feel.

You will find my blogs are simple and from my heart.  I’m a real, work from home mom, and I want you to feel more confident in every area of your life, so I’ll teach you 3 easy steps to get dressed every morning.  After all, your clothes should be the most uninteresting thing about you!

Feel Free to explore my website, you will find blog posts, a link to my catalog and inspiration for your every day looks.  Let me know what you think about fashion trends, love em, hate em, not sure!  I would enjoy hearing more about you and what the word style may mean to you. Find me on social media so we can follow each other.

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