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Style as Unique as You!

Every season we experience it.  Fashion trends and the runway.  We see what society says is fashionable, but is it for us?  The runway looks are definitely

not for the faint of heart or even a budget.  Don’t fall into the trend trap every season. Have you noticed the runway fashions are not realistic at all.  How many women do you know that are a negative size 1?  Me, that’s not realistic AT ALL!  I’ve got that mid-life, mama of 4 body going on.  I want my girls to understand the meaning of beauty as the gifts God has given them inside over the outside.


It is hard in this day an age to look at what the so called fashion industry thinks is appropriate from my 14 year old.  My expectation is A LOT higher.  My daughters are being taught that it is their love for those around them that needs to be in the forefront of their minds.  When we stop worrying about what others think of us and focus on what God is calling from us we find a clearer picture of what is important.

My girls are pretty opposite from each other.  One loves to be outside and doing whatever, while the other one is the creative, musical, and artistic.  They are totally different but I want them to know that that is ok,  God made them different.  I don’t want them to look at each other or their friends and think, I’m not pretty enough, or tall enough, or wearing the “right” clothes to be considered beautiful.  Society sends these horrible messages to our girls and it is so hard for them to overcome.

I want to teach my girls and every other woman out there to see the beauty inside themselves and know that they are unique and beautiful in their own rite.   Why do we as women compare ourselves to each other?  Why can’t we be content in our on skin?  I think it begins with our style.  What does that have to do with it?  Actually, it has everythng to do with it.  How do you feel when you put on your favorite dress, or that flowy blouse, and you know you look fabulous?  Finding that feeling in every piece of your closet is the key.  If it doesn’t bring you joy, get rid of it.

If you are working with pieces that bring you sheer joy, you will feel fabulous whenever you get dressed. After all, your style is yours and no one elses.  As you know the runway styles are not really realistic for the average woman, size wise or budget wise.  So we have to find an in between for these looks.  Finding  your individual style is, will help you dress easier and use your accessories to tell your story.  If I have a blank canvas, I can change my look by swapping different accessories.  My favorite necklace will look different on different colors.  If my style is mine and no one elses, I can experience the freedom to dress fo my unique style.

It is with this blog that I will share my personal feelings on style, fashion and accessories.  We can change the way other women feel about themselves and lift them up by sharing different experiences.  I hope we can laugh at ourselves a little too as we are navigating the waters of fashion together.  Remember, you are unique and unlike anyone else.

I’d love to hear from you.  What is the most outrageous fashion trend you’ve seen this year? come visit me on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram

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