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The Capsule Wardrobe Craze

So it seems everyone is jumping on the capsule wardrobe wagon, if you will.  What is the big deal?  Sounds like a lot of work to have only 30 or 20 or heaven forbid just 10 pieces.  How boring!  Well, actually, this is NOT a capsule wardrobe, it is a CORE wardrobe.  What’s the difference you ask?  Well, a core wardrobe is designed for you to create a wardrobe around.  The thought process here is that you have basic items in your  closet, that you build into outfits.  Still confused?  Let me break it down for you, into steps.


Go into your closet and pull all the items that don’t fit, have a stain, some kind of defect, out of date, too small, too big, not flattering.  What you should be left with is. ideally, 10% of what you had when you started.  These are the items you LOVE, look great in, fit perfectly, great stand alone, neutral items.  So now what?



Lay these items out on your bed.  Now add in some color, fashion and accessories, to make different outfits. For example, use that black blazer, white blouse and favorite black pants and you have a business savvy look.  Take the blazer away, and you are now casual office, or out to dinner.  You see the key is your accessories, and how they can change the way you present yourself.  A simple, classic necklace, will say “business”.


Take those same items and add your big, bold colorful beaded necklace and the outfit changes to something TOTALLY different.  Swap out your heels for some fun wedges or flats and you’ve officially transitioned to “after work”.afterwork

So you see how neutral pieces in your wardrobe can make a huge difference.   You find what you have in your closet and then add what you need to your clothes budget, to fill in the holes.  Remember, as a core wardrobe it will transition from one season to the next.  You probably won’t be wearing your boots in June, but you will wear a black skirt, with a blouse and heels or my favorite, wedges.


Shoes, are another way to add interest to your outfits.  We all know a good pair of shoes can make all the difference.  When dressing during the warmer months, you may opt for just statement earrings, but it’s that finishing touch that you possess and present.


Remember, when wearing earrings a quarter sized or larger, you will take 10lbs off.  Waa Hoo, who doens’t like that math?

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