The Days are Long and the Years Short!

Can’t believe my eldest son, graduated from High School yesterday.


How is this possible since he was a baby only a week ago.  As a SAHM, my days with the littles were so long.  I remember watching the clock, only 4 hours til lunch, only two hours til nap time, 6 hours til hubby gets home from work.  Being a SAHM with littles is hard, and you feel like you will NEVER get out of that stage.  Looking back now, I cherish those days  My littles are turning out to be stand up young adults and I am so proud of them.  It’s not that I am ready for them to leave, but I know this is the way of things.  When #1 son leaves the roost in August to start his next chapter, I will be sad, I will miss him terribly, but I will enjoy, with fondness, the memories we made together.  I still have 3, (not so littles anymore) at home to enjoy.


What does this have to do with fashion?  Well, we all experience different stages in life, and dressing for those different stages is important.  When I had infants, and was up to my elbows in dirty daipers and burp clothes, I was not “dressing” for the day per se, unless you count a t-shirt and sweats, as “dressing”.   My babies grew and my stage changed, and I was not completely prepared for that and what it meant for my wardrobe.  When I started my Accessory Stylist business in 2010, I had a 10 year old, 8, yr old, 7 and 3 year old.


I was in a totally different stage of life and wasn’t exactly sure where I fell, in this new world.  Finding my style again and tweeking it was my priority.  I had changed from my pre-mommy stage,   I needed to develop my likes and dislikes for me personally, and not just mommy, wife, etc.  For instance, I rarely wore hoop earrings,  because we all know how much those little hands can’t resist yanking on them and possibly ripping them completely out.  OUCH!  Maybe you find yourself in the same stage and not sure where to start.  I understand.  I recognize that a mom wardrobe is different from an executive’s.  If you work outside the home your wardrobe will look different also.  A great place to start, will be with the basics.  wardrobeclassicWe all have those items in our closet that never go out of style, ie, our black dress pants, white button down, pencil skirt and blazer and even that LBD (little Black Dress).  Starting there, makes it super easy to add a couple of accessories in and change your look.  Those starter pieces are your pallet, add in some color here and there with your accessories and you are golden.  If you have these classic pieces=core wardrobe, you can add one or two, of the trends you like and not break the bank.  Truth is, when most women walk into their closets, they think, “I have nothing to wear”  honestly, we just never learned how to put together a core wardrobe, we just fly from season to season buying and disposing of the trends each year.  What a waste!  Dressing with a core wardrobe will give you a better “pushing off” place. It is so liberating!  I love that the rules my mom followed, like, no white after labor Day or before Memorial Day, do not apply anymore.  If you feel confident and comfortable in it, go for it.  I do suggest dressing comfortably but stylish. Whether you are a SAHM or back in the workplace, or in school, dressing stylish doesn’t look the same to everyone.4d072129cdfd3dd8c233047b3baa57db


Having some neutrals, like the visual above, in your closet is a must.  It’s those neutrals that are a firm base to build on. If you aren’t incorporating a lot of prints you will have more options, and those options will be easier to put together different looks, expanding your wardrobe withought buying more clothes.  I’d love to help you get started, give me a holler at  stacinich@gmail.com  or IShinebyDesign.net

What tips do you have for those women re-entering the workplace,  changing careers, or starting a new one?

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