Summer Vacation is How Long?

My top 3 ways to cope with Summer Vacation

OK, so I am just being real here, but I have how many weeks left with these crazy kids before they go back to school?  If you are like me, you are on maybe week 2 or three.  My kids are bored, complaining, whining and just all around annoying.  Some have earned the illustrious and highly coveted “chore” for said behavior.  This is not a new practice, but a time proven summer activity in our home.  So I am here to share in your sorrow and dismay, but I want to add a little encouragement.  These days will soon be past and hopefully you’ll look back with fondness not regret.  Here are my top 3 ways to deal with summer vacation. kids-running-enjoying-summer-many-different-boys-girls-park-sunny-day-casual-clothes-33996760


Plan some fun stuff.  Whether it be a trip to the local park, or movie theater or local pool.  Give them something to look forward to.  I love the free movies in the summer because. lets be honest it’s hot out there and this is a great way to cool off and get a change of scenery.  Call up your pals with children and invite them over.  Hopefully the kids will disappear for a period of time, enjoying some time with their pals and you will get some adult conversation too.



Get out by yourself.  WHAT?  Yes, you need to recharge too.  If they are old enough to leave on their own for a bit, go to the store alone, run errands alone, heck, go get a sweet tea from Chickfila and just go park somewhere under a shaded tree and enjoy your tea.  Seriously though, plan a girls night out, or in.  Convince the dads to take the kids to one house while the other house host these desperate women.  We as ladies don’t need entertainment or even food, maybe some wine or again some sweet tea, sit back and watch what happens. ” You won’t have to entertain them, or give them a topic of discussion, they will take it from there.  I volunteered at my children’s private school a few years ago and I worked with some amazing women, we make it a point to get together once a year, even if it’s just for drinks.  It is a time we all look forward to since our lives have gone in completely different directions.\


My kids hesitate to tell me they are BORED because they know they will be doing something to help with that “boredom”.  I use the acronym B.O. R. E. D.  BORED

B= Be creative

O= Run around outside for an hour.

R=  Read a book

E= Do something educational

D=Do something for something helpful for someone

Here are some other ideas from Simcha Fisher over at I Have To Sit Down.  They are pretty funny.


When all else fails, call the hubby, lock yourself in the bathroom with a glass bottle of wine and enjoy until the banging and screaming becomes too much to handle.  Good Luck!  Let us know here if you have any tried and true tactics to survive summer vacation torture.

I truly believe that we can garner strength from each other.  Take a break and do something for yourself.  We all know how important it is to take care of ourselves and yet we are usually the last on the list.  Schedule that girl time you’ve been meaning to.  Let me take care of you for a night.  I’d love to treat you and your overwhelmed friends to a trends and friends night! 19260368_10101710951471840_3575440819754530041_n

P.S. All kidding aside, we love our kiddos and wouldn’t change our situation for the world.  My heart goes out to those who do not/cannot have children, or have lost their children too early.  Motherhood is NOT all daisies and smiles.  If you are struggling, reach out to me please or someone else.  We have all been there at some time or another, it’s hardest when you don’t understand why you are unhappy, and don’t feel as if you can talk to anyone about it.  I have been there, and still struggle.  I think I am a pretty good listener too.



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