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Accessories and Cupcakes

Ok, now that I have your attention.  What the heck does she mean?  So Jewelry is the last thing you put on, but it’s the first thing people notice.  When you see someone out and about and they look put together, what is it about them that makes them appear so put together?  Yes!  It’s their accessories, or the icing on their personal cupcake.  Ok, maybe not a literal cupcake but you get the idea.  When I teach women how to use a 1-2-3 system to get dressed, they find dressing isn’t a chore.   Jewelry is like the icing on a cupake.png

What do I mean by 1-2-3 steps?

So you start with your pallet (neutral bottoms), add a top of some sort, a bit of fashion and then the accessories last, for a completed look.  It’s so much easier to pick the necklace that completes your outfit when your pallet is already done.  You want to keep the number of accessories to between 11-14.  That number includes everything, so if you wear glasses, those get a point,  belts, handbags, all one point.  If I am wearing my sunglasses (which almost 100% of the time I am), that’s 1,

my wedding bands – 1

manicured nails-1

cute shoes (of course) -1

statement necklace-(2 pts)

regular necklace-1



set of bangles- 2pts

watch -1

So depending on what I have planned for the day I can add another bracelet to keep my watch company, or just go with what I have.  I’m within that 11-14 mark so I’m not bordering on the qaudy side at 14.

It’s like walkingbaby-walking

You had to learn how to sit up, then crawl and then pull yourself up to stand before you could try to take a step, fashion is the same.  You are you, and there is no one else out there like you.  Find what feels comfortable to you and go with it.  After all, if you are comfortable and confident, then the rules don’t matter.  One of the biggest trends lately is mixing patterns.  I love it!  I wore my floral Old Navy swing top yesterday with my striped skirt, WHAT?  Yes, and I think it looked pretty good, if I do say so myself.  Polka dots, to stripes, and everything in between.  Below is a great visual I found on Pinterest at The Vault Files, to give you a pushing off point, if you will. mixdos

The key here is balance. I have to say I am a little obsessed with the stripes and floral look.  Oh my goodness, isn’t this fantastic?mix2mix3

Clearly obsessed, right?

mixThis one to the left is out of my comfort zone, but you can see how it just works.

mix5Coming in at a close 2nd would be my obsession with Polka Dots and Floral.  mix6

or polka dot and stripes.




How about polka dot and floral?

So you see,  rules smules do not apply anymore, maybe some guidelines “perhaps”, but not rules.

I’m gonna challenge you to go to your closet and find some of these types of prints and do some mixing.  Please share with us here so we can all glean from your wisdom.


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