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I Play Dress Up Every Season!

I can hardly stand it when we come out with a new catalog. Catalogs hereweb-heels2.jpg  I’m like a little girl playing dress up again. With all the jewelry I already have you’d think it wouldn’t be such a big deal. I get excited all over again, and can’t wait to get my samples in and start wearing them. It’s the quickest and easiest way to update my wardrobe. I can grab my favorite pants and pair it with a neutral blouse, throw on a bit of fashion(a kimono, or denim jacket) add that new fabulous necklace, earrings, rings and bracelet and you are out the door. 30 second looks, with a simple formula and great accessories helps you dress faster and takes the guess-work out.

In our busy lives, don’t we need more of this? Don’t we want things to be simpler? I know for me, putting looks together was not a skill I had been taught. Since starting my own accessory stylist business 7 years ago now, I have learned how to complete my look with those three steps. Those three steps,  have taught me how to look for holes in my wardrobe and fill them. I don’t run out to purchase every trend and then not even wear them, but I choose, very carefully, items to add to my wardrobe that compliment what I already own.
If you need a little assistance with the three steps, give me a shout, my services are free. You can alwaysshop grab one of your girlfriends to help you out.  After all, shopping under the influence of other women is an awesome way to shop. I know that trends come and go but there are classics that won’t ever go out of style. These are the staples you want to invest in and rotate them throughout your closet. You know that black pencil skirt, white blouse and black blazer are just three pieces to use in your core wardrobe. Swap out that blazer for a Kimono or denim jacket and you have a totally new look. Just switching out your simple necklace for that statement necklace takes your look from day to night in one step. When you see that co-worker and she always looks put together, I can guarantee its her accessories, NOT her clothing that set her apart and give her that “pulled together look”.

c4026b7cfe24ccef77c873aa4c2054572e7447cd6713ef340f2ccab597b4e0cb So look how adding just a couple fairly simple pieces makes a huge difference. Catalogs hereNew jewelry.png

So I understand the struggle ladies, it can be so hard.  I know all the men out there are rolling their eyes but let’s be honest, women’s wardrobes can a bit confusing to negotiate, I would suggest finding a personal stylist Pinterest Boards( I happen to know one,  Ha) until you get a handle on the 30 second recipes.

What is your “go to” outfit for work, can you transition to after work fairly easily?   I would enjoy hearing your most tricky wardrobe needs?


Online Consignment, Friend or Foe?

So my opinion is two-fold. Online consignment rocks, online consignment sucks! Wow, Staci that’s a … confusing statement. Let me
So I LOVE to get a deal, but I don’t enjoy shopping for clothes in a store. I would rather have my eyes poked out with a red-hot poker then go to the mall. If you know me personally, I say this ALL THE TIME. Ok, so why do I think it rocks, because, I don’t have to go to the mall, try on clothes, return them after I get home and see my items in front of MY MIRROR (raise your had if you think the mirrors in clothing stores are somehow rigged). Again, your saying, how does that translate to stinking? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to find a deal.  Watching TV after my day is done, looking to see what my favorite online consignment has today, is relaxing to me. There is no pressure to buy right then but it does notify me of the times an item has been viewed. Sothere is a little FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), thus purchasing maybe before I’m truly ready. LOL! I can easily get my self into trouble, by over buying, but most online consignment stores factor this in and they make it very easy to return for a store credit. Now that credit is kind of a two-edged sword, because, I want to use said credit, which drives me back to the site, and I usually find one or 100 more items to add to my shopping cart, but these are MY PROBLEMS not the store itself.

So online consignment rocks, for all of those same reasons. I love a deal, I’m challenged by “the hunt”, I love find items with the tags still on, at 90% discount. I enjoy trying items on in my own bedroom, in front of my own mirror, matching items from my current closet to go with new items. I don’t have to try to remember, did I have a blouse that will work with these pants, or, vice versa. It makes looking at my closet and finding the holes in my wardrobe, a lot easier. Back to my core wardrobe, do I have a pair of dress black pants, a LBD, neutral blouses with no pattern I can mix easily? Now, that my needs are taken care of (LOL) I can shop for hubby, and kids. I find the value and condition of the items to be top bar. If I want a Tory Burch handbag or pair of shoes, I know I can find a deal on them. I have my go to brands, that I know work for me and my family, Old Navy, HUGE in the Nichols family. I think the clothes are reasonably priced and on trend. I like to purchase directly from them but seasons change and so do the clothes. Right now, I’m keeping my eye out for things for the fall, so my standby, Old Navy is probably not going to have that thick fall sweater I’ve been dreaming about. Online consignment will though, and chances are, if it’s off-season, I’m getting a deal.  Well all is said and done, I will continue my pursuit of the online consignment haul of the century! I have a few online consignments that I use.
My #1 top choice is swapThey have a refer a friend program but for some reason it is on hiatus right now, for improvements. If you use, I would appreciate if you passed my name on. I have applied to be an affiliate, but I haven’t heard back yet.

Now that you’ve saved so much on that new outfit, you have money left in the budget to get that necklace and earrings to complete the outfit, or you could just get them for free!

!I Shine By Design
Even though online consignment is my jam, I have been known to frequent thrift stores on occasion, but sorting through racks and racks of clothing items that aren’t my size, to me is a waste of time. Give online consignment a shot, tell me if you like it as much as me, or where you find YOUR deals. Come check out my catalog for the accessories for any occasion.

Yours in fashion,

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Don’t Take Freedom For Granted!

I hope you realize how much our forefathers did to earn our freedom. I trust you thank those who STILL sacrifice for our freedom, whenever you get the chance.  This includes our local and state police.

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I have never had to go hungry or worship in secret, I have never had a child taken from me, or lost one through serving our country. I had grandfathers, and greatgrandfather’s that fought, uncles and brother’s that did as well. Some came home, others did not. We cannot just sing a sweet song about our country and not REALLY consider the cost generations before us have made.

I think we have it too easy here in the states, in this place in history. I know, I know, what the heck Staci, what does FREEDOM have to do with fashion? Freedom has everthing to do with fashion. WHAT?, “she’s losing it”.

If it were not for freedom, I wouldn’t be free to run my own business, work from home, worship in the manner in which I do(ok, I’ll try to stay on track)but you see, we owe absolutely everything to those who’ve gone before us. My family can choose to live where we do, shop where we shop, vote for who we want in office. So many countries and people do not have these rights.

I just don’t even know where to start, but I know this, 32+ years ago a husband and wife founded Premier Designs so I could stay home with my children, so I could pay for the extras so I could help empower women all over the country. I have the ability to effect change here in my little corner of the world.

I am personally so thankful to the Men and Women of our armed services, and those state and local law enfourcement that give up so much. so we can be free. Not only do our men and women sacrifice, but their families do as well. I love the saying,

“All gave some, some gave all”


Next time you ride to the church, of your choice, or share dinner with your family, think about those who are seperated from there’s for you.  Thank them! You don’t not have to have a personal relationship with them to thank them for their sacrifice.

Ok, so maybe this post doesn’t have anything to do with fashion, this week and I am ok with that.

Thank you! to the Men and Women who tirelessly defend our borders, protect those in need, and those that cannot protect themselves.  May we never take for granted the freedoms we have in this country, but use the sacrfices of those passed to spur us on to the next level.   We offer you our gratitude and thanks for a job well done.

It is our right, NO our duty to persue those things that make us unique. This is our  tribute to those who’ve fought so hard for us.



I personally, need to remember all of these things.  I have the freedom to pursue my dreams and desires, let me NEVER take them for granted.


P.S. have you lost anyone defending our country, abroad or domestically? Are you personally, active or retired armed servicemen or law enforcement? Are you a spouse of someone in this line of work?  Consider this, my Thank You and my family’s Thank You!