Online Consignment, Friend or Foe?

So my opinion is two-fold. Online consignment rocks, online consignment sucks! Wow, Staci that’s a … confusing statement. Let me explain.download
So I LOVE to get a deal, but I don’t enjoy shopping for clothes in a store. I would rather have my eyes poked out with a red-hot poker then go to the mall. If you know me personally, I say this ALL THE TIME. Ok, so why do I think it rocks, because, I don’t have to go to the mall, try on clothes, return them after I get home and see my items in front of MY MIRROR (raise your had if you think the mirrors in clothing stores are somehow rigged). Again, your saying, how does that translate to stinking? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to find a deal.  Watching TV after my day is done, looking to see what my favorite online consignment has today, is relaxing to me. There is no pressure to buy right then but it does notify me of the times an item has been viewed. Sothere is a little FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), thus purchasing maybe before I’m truly ready. LOL! I can easily get my self into trouble, by over buying, but most online consignment stores factor this in and they make it very easy to return for a store credit. Now that credit is kind of a two-edged sword, because, I want to use said credit, which drives me back to the site, and I usually find one or 100 more items to add to my shopping cart, but these are MY PROBLEMS not the store itself.

So online consignment rocks, for all of those same reasons. I love a deal, I’m challenged by “the hunt”, I love find items with the tags still on, at 90% discount. I enjoy trying items on in my own bedroom, in front of my own mirror, matching items from my current closet to go with new items. I don’t have to try to remember, did I have a blouse that will work with these pants, or, vice versa. It makes looking at my closet and finding the holes in my wardrobe, a lot easier. Back to my core wardrobe, do I have a pair of dress black pants, a LBD, neutral blouses with no pattern I can mix easily? Now, that my needs are taken care of (LOL) I can shop for hubby, and kids. I find the value and condition of the items to be top bar. If I want a Tory Burch handbag or pair of shoes, I know I can find a deal on them. I have my go to brands, that I know work for me and my family, Old Navy, HUGE in the Nichols family. I think the clothes are reasonably priced and on trend. I like to purchase directly from them but seasons change and so do the clothes. Right now, I’m keeping my eye out for things for the fall, so my standby, Old Navy is probably not going to have that thick fall sweater I’ve been dreaming about. Online consignment will though, and chances are, if it’s off-season, I’m getting a deal.  Well all is said and done, I will continue my pursuit of the online consignment haul of the century! I have a few online consignments that I use.
My #1 top choice is https://www.swap.com/ swapThey have a refer a friend program but for some reason it is on hiatus right now, for improvements. If you use swap.com, I would appreciate if you passed my name on. I have applied to be an affiliate, but I haven’t heard back yet.

Now that you’ve saved so much on that new outfit, you have money left in the budget to get that necklace and earrings to complete the outfit, or you could just get them for free!

!I Shine By Design
Even though online consignment is my jam, I have been known to frequent thrift stores on occasion, but sorting through racks and racks of clothing items that aren’t my size, to me is a waste of time. Give online consignment a shot, tell me if you like it as much as me, or where you find YOUR deals. Come check out my catalog for the accessories for any occasion.

Yours in fashion,

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