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I Play Dress Up Every Season!

I can hardly stand it when we come out with a new catalog. Catalogs hereweb-heels2.jpg  I’m like a little girl playing dress up again. With all the jewelry I already have you’d think it wouldn’t be such a big deal. I get excited all over again, and can’t wait to get my samples in and start wearing them. It’s the quickest and easiest way to update my wardrobe. I can grab my favorite pants and pair it with a neutral blouse, throw on a bit of fashion(a kimono, or denim jacket) add that new fabulous necklace, earrings, rings and bracelet and you are out the door. 30 second looks, with a simple formula and great accessories helps you dress faster and takes the guess-work out.

In our busy lives, don’t we need more of this? Don’t we want things to be simpler? I know for me, putting looks together was not a skill I had been taught. Since starting my own accessory stylist business 7 years ago now, I have learned how to complete my look with those three steps. Those three steps,  have taught me how to look for holes in my wardrobe and fill them. I don’t run out to purchase every trend and then not even wear them, but I choose, very carefully, items to add to my wardrobe that compliment what I already own.
If you need a little assistance with the three steps, give me a shout, my services are free. You can alwaysshop grab one of your girlfriends to help you out.  After all, shopping under the influence of other women is an awesome way to shop. I know that trends come and go but there are classics that won’t ever go out of style. These are the staples you want to invest in and rotate them throughout your closet. You know that black pencil skirt, white blouse and black blazer are just three pieces to use in your core wardrobe. Swap out that blazer for a Kimono or denim jacket and you have a totally new look. Just switching out your simple necklace for that statement necklace takes your look from day to night in one step. When you see that co-worker and she always looks put together, I can guarantee its her accessories, NOT her clothing that set her apart and give her that “pulled together look”.

c4026b7cfe24ccef77c873aa4c2054572e7447cd6713ef340f2ccab597b4e0cb So look how adding just a couple fairly simple pieces makes a huge difference. Catalogs hereNew jewelry.png

So I understand the struggle ladies, it can be so hard.  I know all the men out there are rolling their eyes but let’s be honest, women’s wardrobes can a bit confusing to negotiate, I would suggest finding a personal stylist Pinterest Boards( I happen to know one,  Ha) until you get a handle on the 30 second recipes.

What is your “go to” outfit for work, can you transition to after work fairly easily?   I would enjoy hearing your most tricky wardrobe needs?

2 thoughts on “I Play Dress Up Every Season!”

  1. I work with dogs, so my wardrobe generally consists of compression leggings and my dry fit work shirt, with the logo on the back! I also try to make it to the gym everyday, so that makes the same wardrobe too lol! I do have some fun things in my closet if I go out anywhere dog-less…which is hardly ever lol, and I do LOVE accessorizing, and of course my diamonds 🙂

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