Pare back your closet, you’ll thank me for it!

So I took advantage of shopping my own closet this morning. Ok,  maybe it wasn’t MY closet but my BFF’s closet.  I have two events this weekend, and I didn’t have anything to wear, literally.  I headed over to my second closet and found a couple of items that she wasn’t using, didn’t like or fit.  So I came home with a bag a clothes and 2 1/2 outfits and even a couple of hats.  Yay for me!
So what I want to talk about today is the over abundance of clothes we have, and how that “can” make getting dressed harder because we have too much.

I have permission, and in fact, she gave me the idea to write about her today.  She has A LOT OF CLOTHES.  She says I wear something new every time she sees me, but I’m just good at using my entire closet and allowing my accessories to be the starring role.   She just moved, and in conjunction with pilfering  pillaging shopping her closet I helped her unpack and hang up clothes. She is one of the most generous people I know and often times she will send me home with items from her closet because she thinks it would look better on me, or it’s too short on her (did I mention she’s 6′ 1″ to my 5’3″) .  We look a bit like Mutt and Jeff 891933-muttjeffd_115

So when something is too short on her, she offers it to me.  Unfortunately, being so tall, means her shoes do not fit me.  LOL

She has an amazing closet of clothes,(picture below is not her closet) but she admitted to me she was hanging on to things for sentimental reasons.  We all do, at least, I think that is normal. She did get rid of a trash bag full of clothes she knew she’d never wear again.  I was so proud! img-thing

I did this little trick in my own closet, about 6 months ago, granted it was a different season, but it will still work.  Empty your entire closet onto your bed, so you will have to finish this before bedtime.  42f340f6f3b5728529d723dc032ee205

This is a great raining day activity.  Ha Ha After you have cleared out your entire closet, you’ll need three piles. First pile is, “I love this, and I feel amazing every time I wear it”. second pile is, “I haven’t worn this in a while, but I’m not sure I want to get rid of it yet”, the third pile is, “I haven’t worn this in a year OR MORE in some cases, and I don’t plan on wearing it EVER AGAIN!”.  The third pile, should go directly into a bag or box to be donated.

You are left with 2 piles. The first pile is easy, hang it back up in whatever way you’d like it organized, ie skirts, shirts, pants, etc. The second pile hang it back up with the hangers pointing at you and not the normal way.  This way, you’ll know you haven’t worn it and in 6 months to a  year, and when you do this again, you’ll see you don’t need it and you can go ahead and “Let it Go”



You will walk in to your closet and feel so free.  You’ll be able to see your favorites and probably wear more of your closet since you can see the items better.  Another, caveat is you’ll find where you might have wholes in your closet, such as, a white button down blouse, black pants, and a blazer (back to a previous post, the “uniform”).  This will make is so much easier to shop, you’ll know what you need to purchase and you won’t purchase unneeded items.

You can check out swap.com for any holes in your wardrobes and can shop from your couch (which you know I love).  I have two $10 vouchers for the first two ladies to reach out and claim them.

As always you can find me on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, to make your one on one FREE closet consult.

Are you holding on to anything for sentimental reasons?  What do you think of this process, could you implement it?





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