Carolina Music Awards


I’m not even sure where to start.  I had a bucket list experience this past weekend.  I was invited by #EvelynPutnamDesigns to be the official accessory stylist for her model/presenter team, and the 10th anniversary #carolinamusicawards CMA1.jpg

This was the 10th annual awards ceremony held in the Carolinas. The Carolina Music Awards (CMA’s) recognizes the extensive talent in Hip Hop,  R&B,  Rock,  Youth, Americana, Bluegrass and Country.

“Every year we look to make this event more and more beneficial to Carolina artists and to support the great music created right here in the Carolinas.  We are focused on one singular objective, the development of the music industry in the Carolinas while encouraging growth in our music, both present and future.  The CM Awards focuses on the hottest music and artists in the Carolinas in most genres”- Carolina Music Awards

The talent was unbelievable, and the excitement palpable.

Friday night was a meet and greet with the artists and VIP’s, and was a great time to learn more about the nominees of the Carolina Music Awards.

20375915_1808549909162920_4503900979734213900_n  It was a little intimidating at first but these were some of the nicest people I’d ever met.  We heard stories of where they came from and what projects they were working on at the present time.  The talent of these young people (they’re younger than me) was amazing and I couldn’t help but admire the dedication it takes to be a performer.

preparations for Saturday evening  started at 1:45 pm.  Models arrived  to have their makeup done #blushed #blushedbynatashia www.blushedbynatashia.com and hair styled. #TriciaSterlingDesigns #RachelPalmerHair

#EvelynPutnamDesigns had arranged for #maggiescatering to come in and provide amazing food for all of us,

and #amozingoHERBALIFE  kept us refreshed with Herblife tea (super yummy and good for you too). _NK79774.NEF





As the accessory stylist, I chose and placed the jewelry with each model’s dress. I escorted the models with their dresses to the makeup chair.  I  would stay with the model until the makeup artist could see the complete outfit, with jewelry then she could create the final look.


.  _NK79804






Natashia Pass with #blushed #blushedbynatashia www.blushedbynatashia.com did her magic, and created some stunning looks for the models.




My part was not totally unlike what I do for my clients, except my clients are not usually  heading out to the red carpet (for the most part) 😉

These women are stunning on the inside as well as the outside! It was a pleasure to work with them.


Costuming credit #pouthouse

When the models were all ready, they posed for some photos in the studio and then headed over to the venue, for more photos and the red carpet.

The team took some pics on the red carpet and interviewed in the fashion lounge with Coul Crenshaw #CoulStyle.  coulstyle

Ok, so at this moment I’m thinking. . .  “Girl, I know you were invited here but are you sure you’re supposed to be here”?  It was surreal!  After the interview we headed to the front for some more promotional pictures and then inside to wait for the theatre doors to open.

_NK70055 - Copy


We visited a little more in the lobby area.  I loved checking out all the dresses and outfits.  Some of the outfits were quite elaborate.

I was concerned that I didn’t have anything appropriate, but honestly, anything black always works for formal occasions.

The kick off  was a nominee, Lauren Nicole.  I truly enjoyed their performance.  The program continued on from there with more performances mixed in with the awards.

We were so excited to celebrate with Brianna Graves, her model of the year award. Congratulations, you worked so hard.


It was an amazing night and one I will not soon forget.

Thank you to all the people who made the night with all the hard work.




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