Fall is on its way!

I simply LOVE this time of year.  I love the weather change to cooler days and nights, the leaves changing color, football, and in general everything “fall”.fallWhen Pumpkin Spice (anything) shows up in the stores, I’m ready!

So in transitioning our wardrobes from Summer to Fall and eventually to winter, my favorite word is layer.  We are waking to cooler temps in the am and possibly warming up into the afternoon hours, I want to be comfortable in both.  0e7bac4549cd0b53fa542f5f8b826681.jpg

Here is where my layers come in handy and are essential for transitioning from summer to fall.  I can simply add a cardigan to my favorite summer dress, or a scarf and sweater to my favorite chambray button down shirt.  Add a pop of color with my accessories, shoes or purse, and I’m out the door prepared for the day, and the weather.


Investing in core pieces and rotating them with other items in my closet will give me the versatility I want and need in my closet.  Swap those ballet shoes for boots, add a jacket to my favorite summer top, and I’m out the door.  If you own some classic pieces it’s much easier to add in some fashion pieces and update your look.  Back to our core wardrobe concept, what are your favs in your closet?  Why are they your favorites, because you love how you feel and/or look in these items?  Are they easy to accessorize?  For whatever reason you are drawn to these pieces over and over again, use that to your advantage, simplify your wardrobe.

makesmoresenseDoesn’t simplifying make more sense?  The most interesting thing about you, should NOT be your clothes.  Accessories are a personal choice and will reflect your style a lot clearer than filling your closet with trendy items.  Trends are great, especially when used sparingly.  Don’t run out and buy clothes that are trendy now but won’t be next season.  Find one or two trends, add one or two pieces that identify that trend in your style and add them to your core wardrobe.

I’ve talked before about what YOUR core wardrobe should look like.16603021_10210000233736857_1864876666939895817_nAlways have to start:

Black Dress

Black Dress pants


White button down

Black skirt

Utilizing these items will be easier, than when you had a whole closet of prints and colors to choose from.  Wouldn’t it be nice to dress in 30 seconds and stop wasting time “searching” your closet for something different.  Creating these 30 second looks doesn’t have to be hard.  You have everything you need to get started, and if you are missing pieces, you will know, because you will have a hole in your wardrobe.  If you need a white button down blouse, you’ll know it because you’ve taken a step back to look at your wardrobe.  Once you have the core pieces you love, making different outfits will be much easier.  Your accessories will be the “colorful icing on the cupcake”, remember, we don’t want to be naked cupcakes.


As always my services to you are completely complimentary, ie, no styling fees here, just honest advice and direction.  Let me help you prepare your closet for Fall.


What’s your go to look for fall, that you get excited about every season?  What new piece from last season are you looking forward to pulling out for this fall season?


Yours in Fashion, Staci


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Still confused about your personal style?  Take this simple quiz and let me help you identify your personal style.  Style Quiz



Super Exciting Updates!

First off, let me apologize for my absence.  I have been busy getting #1 son to college and settled and the other three settled back into a school schedule here.  I also am still fighting a nasty cold.  This cough has taken up residence and doesn’t seem like it’s in any hurry to move on.  Anyway, in the two weeks that I have been absent my website has been completely updated and can now take personal orders right on my page.  I’d love for you to check it out here.

My Personal website



I am paying testers to place orders of $40 or more for $10 off the order from me.  I want to hear what you like, AND what you don’t like, so that we can improve the site and my services to you. IMG_7893

My services have always been free but now you can have your own access to ordering, whenever YOU want.  You don’t have to wait for the next style session, you can place an order today, if you like.  You will find some welcome changes that will make searching for that piece to finish your outfit so much easier. You can search by color, metal, and style.


Not sure what your “style” is?  Take my quiz,  and I will send you suggestions for your individual style.  We all have style, it’s my job to help you develop it. stylequiz

We as women wear about 20% of our closets 80% of the time.  If that’s the case, we need help!  We need help learning HOW to put different looks together using basic core pieces (we already own) and swapping out our accessories to change the look.  This was something we were never taught.  Instead of investing in a “Stitch Fix,” or “quick fix”, which doesn’t solve your dilemma, invest in yourself and book a session with me to get your ” permanent fix”.

Know you need a new necklace, great shop only necklaces, or earrings, bracelets, watches, etc?  We’ve got you covered!


Shopping for your new favorite look has never been easier.  The hardest decision you will have to make is Retail or FREE.  Our Hostess benefits are amazing and you can reap the generous rewards starting at $200.  Grab some girlfriends, treat them to their own Accessory Stylist for a night, all free of charge.  You and your friends learn how to negotiate the latest trends without the hassle of shopping.

shopfree You and your friends, will leave the session knowing how to look to your closet first, when creating new and exciting looks.  Take the money you would’ve wasted on new clothes, you’ll never wear, to invest in those accessories you need to complete your look.  I will be right there with you as much or as little as you like.  Maybe YOU don’t need my personal one on one service, but I bet you know someone who struggles with fashion and their own personal style, who does.

Please check out the website and send me your feedback.  As always, I love to hear what you liked and didn’t like.

Take Care,